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At Buenos días, we love paper.

We grew up with magazines, comics and cartoon strips. As teenagers our noses were always stuck in “El Europeo” and “Ajoblanco”.

We read Camus, ‘Dorian Grey’ ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and Hermann Hesse in the summer turning the pages trying to find a comfortable position so we didn't get tired and could carry on reading.

We love the smell from the pages from the books of publishers such as Anagrama, Pre-textos or Ediciones El Acantilado, among others.

We discovered the MoMa, the Buddha of Kamakura or Jeff Koons in books before we did in real life, and now, we can’t live without “The Fantastic Man”, “Elephant”, o “Kinfolk”.

When it comes down to it, it’s not that we’re rejecting digital media, how can you do that? But it is clear that what we like is making books.

Also, we like creating brands. We are fanatics, we can’t help it. We’re fascinated by generating mutant codes that are versatile and can be adapted to 1001 applications.

A few years ago we discovered that we like to eat with our eyes. The truth we had always liked it but one of our first clients opened this door and now we also love making boxes, wrappings, bottles, cans etc.

We are awarded. We thought that our first Laus prize was fortuitous, but by the third one we thought otherwise. So far we have eight. The silver from the Art Directors Club of Europe confirmed that we weren’t wrong.

One summer we discovered that we love the spaces that sell boxes too.